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Preparación de comida

Regional menu

30,00 €

Welcome to our exciting regional menu, where authentic flavors and culinary traditions intertwine to offer you a unique dining experience. Explore our selection of dishes that reflect the richness of the region, from exquisite starters to main courses that capture the essence of local cuisine. Enjoy fresh and carefully selected ingredients that highlight the diversity and authenticity of our land. Our regional menu is a culinary journey that celebrates local identity and invites you to savor the authentic essence of our region in every bite. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable gastronomic experience!

To choose between

First plates

Fried breadcrumbs with paprika, bacon fad, chorizo and fried egs

Figon Soup, bread soup with tomato and egg

Mixed green vegetables stew

“Gazpacho”, Cold tomato soup

Second plates

Trout cheff style

Tripes braised in sauce

Venison braised with mushrooms

Shepherd-style fried eggs

Iberian Pork Cheeks braised in red wine sauce


Fig ice cream

Concepts not included in dishes on the menu


1.95 €

Potato garnish

7.00 €


3.25 €

White rice garnish

5.00 €

Single doses of olive oil

0.70 €

Casar cake sauce

5.50 €


1.80 €

Roquefort sauce

4.00 €

€30.00 per person

*All menu prices include 10% VAT

*If you require information about the allergens present in any product, consult the establishment staff.

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